There are a wide range of worship services during the Unitarian Annual Meetings, of various styles. In the mornings, there is a choice of devotional or meditational worship, each plenary session begins with a short devotion, and the main worship is the Anniversary Service. You’ll have the opportunity to experience excellent worship, led by Unitarian ministers, ministry students, and lay leaders.

Anniversary Service

Rev Bridget Spain (Photograph: Ronan McGreevy, Irish Times)

The Anniversary Service is the main worship service during the Annual Meetings and is a highlight. It includes an inspiring address, live music, participation from our children’s groups, and more!

Reverend Mike O’Sullivan at Cork Pride (2018)

The Anniversary Service at the Unitarian Annual Meetings 2020 will be led by Reverend Mike O’Sullivan of Cork Unitarian Church and the Anniversary Service Preacher will be Reverend Bridget Spain, of Dublin Unitarian Church.

The theme of this year’s Anniversary Service will be ‘Let’s Talk Soul’

Bridget writes:

“I was brought up deeply immersed in the Roman Catholic Faith. I studied Business at university and worked as an accountant.

 I left the Catholic Church in my late teens. I read an article about the Unitarian Church and attended my first service there in 1996. Straight away I knew I had found my spiritual home. Following the tradition in Dublin I offered to take a service and at last I knew what I wanted to be.

I took an arts degree with the Open University and in 2006 I was licensed by Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland. In 2007 I was appointed assistant Minister at the Dublin Church and in 2010 I succeeded Rev. Bill Darlison as Minister.”

Opening and Closing Worship

“As we gather together in Birmingham, let us prepare our hearts for a spiritual revolution.”

Led by Bob Janis-Dillon, Eleanor Chiari, Winnie Gordon, Kate McKenna, Anna Jarvis, Phil Waldron, and Michael Dadson, our opening and closing worship will focus on awareness of our ecological reality, acknowledgement that we meet on holy ground, and welcoming one another fully to the work of personal and societal transformation. Through words, music, banner parade, and other ritual, we will bless our work together as congregations and individuals.

Morning Worship Services

Each morning, a choice of worship services will be available, including traditional and meditative worship. More information will be posted here closer to the date.

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